Monday, August 26, 2013

A Natural Combo

I have the best job in the world. Most days. It is my responsibility to find ways to engage "the faith community" (insert your definition here) in the disaster preparedness and response activities of the greater Houston area. Some days this means lots of meetings. Some days it means getting to meet with an amazingly diverse variety of people. And some days it means sitting at a computer trying to figure out what the heck my job is.
Disaster response and "the faith community" seems like a natural combination, right? And really, it is. Every major world religion has some understanding of hospitality. Of embracing the stranger. Of helping those in need. Of working for something larger than ourselves. Where does all of this come together if not in disaster response?
Why then, is my job so difficult? Why does it feel like herding cats? Why is it so challenging to convince "the faith community" of the need for preparedness and the need to plug in during the down time rather than wait? I have some theories, but I'd much rather hear yours. What do you think?

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